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City of Calgary

As one of Canada’s top destinations, Calgary welcomes visitors from around the world.
A city where contemporary meets historic western roots, Calgary is a vibrant city with
dynamic experiences and must-see attractions on the doorstep of the iconic Canadian Rockies.

Calgary will surprise you with its beauty, cool eateries, nightlife beyond honky-tonk, and long, worthwhile
to-do list. Calgarians aren’t known for their modesty; it’s their self-love and can-do attitude that got them
through disastrous flooding in 2013 and, in 2016, saw them helping residents of wildfire-stricken Fort McMurray with unquestioning generosity. We mustn’t forget – Calgary also hosted the highly successful
1988 Winter Olympics, elected North America’s first Muslim mayor, and throws one of Canada’s biggest festivals, the Calgary Stampede.

There are few places that embrace the ‘city for all seasons’ moniker better than Calgary. When warm
Chinook winds blow in off the Rocky Mountains, the temperature can jump by double digits within hours. Meanwhile, the city enjoys great patches of distinct seasons – everything from true, powdery winters to
breezy and carefree summers. Regardless the weather, generations of resilient Calgarians have built up
a wide variety of activities that take advantage of every possible temperature twist and turn. Chilly
weather brings to life well-groomed ski runs in the Canada Olympic Park, while toasty sunshine
invites cold beers on a sunny patio on 17th Avenue.

The city is waking up and smelling the single-origin home-roasted coffee, too, with top-notch craft bars, boutique shops, restaurants and entertainment venues exhibiting more color and experimentation.
Long stretches of riverside jogging and even a lone surfing spot make for outdoor activities that other
cities can't hold a candle to. The longer you stay, the more there is to surprise you.

Great neighbourhoods.
Music. BBQ. Bikes.
Exhibits. Parks. Breweries.
Warm and Welcoming people!

Whether you’ve been to Calgary many times before or are still figuring out
how to pronounce it, we welcome you!

(It’s pronounced Cal-gree, for the record).

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Odoo • Image and Text

Province of Alberta

Alberta is known for its incredible beauty and diverse landscape including the best of the Rocky Mountains, rolling hills, prairies, desert badlands, parklands and vast coniferous forests.   When you decide to not be in a hurry and allow yourself to look more closely, you’ll discover adventure, interesting culture and history as well as surprising beauty in every region of the province.
Alberta is Canada’s sixth largest province by land mass with over 600 lakes and five (5) world-renowned National Parks as well as five (5) UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Alberta also offers many dozens of Provincial Parks including some that rival the best of any National Park in both size and beauty… don’t miss those!
The people of Alberta are known for their passion, independence, hard-work and love of nature.  Banff National Park was established in 1885 as Canada’s very first and still most well known National Park.  Of note is that Albertans have continued to carve out and dedicate large tracts of the best and most beautiful parts of their Province for conservation and preservation.  In fact, by square kilometres/miles, nearly 50% of all National Parks within Canada’s Provinces are within the Province of Alberta. PLUS, Alberta has proportionality carved out more space than any other for their Provincial Parks system.

Photo Credits: Calgary skyline-Rebecca Schortinghuis; Bobsleigh at Canada Olympic Park-Rick Rudnicki/ Getty; https://www.travelalberta.com/ca; https://www.lonelyplanet.com.