New Member Integration  

Contexte de l'intégration des nouveaux membres

L'un des plus grands défis pour toute organisation basée sur l'adhésion est l'attrition.
Il y a toujours des raisons légitimes pour lesquelles des membres quittent l'organisation, comme la retraite, le déménagement, le décès ou le changement d'industrie. Dans chacun de ces cas cependant, dans notre industrie, il y a de nouveaux membres potentiels qui s'installent dans des postes qui sont admissibles à l'adhésion à Skal !Cependant, notre attrition est plus souvent constituée de membres plus récents qui n'ont pas pleinement apprécié la valeur de l'adhésion parce qu'ils n'ont pas été pleinement engagés ou orientés.

En 2019, un groupe de travail composé de membres de tout le Canada a lancé une enquête auprès des membres qui avaient adhéré au cours des dernières années. Ces membres ont été interrogés sur leur compréhension de Skal au niveau local, national et mondial, et sur les avantages tangibles/intangibles de l'adhésion.

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A new Welcome Orientation Presentation formatted in a 3-minute video. This video will be included in the President's welcome message to all new members! 

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Welcome to Skal!  What will you experience?

You will be invited to attend an event as a guest of Skal. You will meet our Club members and learn about Skal resources, networking and benefits. Some clubs invite you to attend another event on your own initiative to give you the opportunity
to have a broader appreciation of the organization and determine if the organization realizes your professional goals.

Clubs want to ensure that prospects have an appreciation of what the organization represents and that a new member’s expectations are understood. Skal is your investment to enrich your personal and professional network. Skal is about friendship and amicable first and then doing business with friends. (It is not just a social club or a leads club)

You will complete an online application form that is approved by all three levels of Skal: Club, Canada and Internationally.

SKAL INTERNATIONAL You  will  receive  an  official  welcome  and  your  personal  credentials  providing  access  to  the world database and all member resources and benefits.

SKAL CANADA You will receive an orientation about the Skal websites (International, National and Clubs) and the resources and services that are available. There are specific programs directed at expanding business and social networks within Canada.

SKAL CLUB You will be mentored for the initial months with you joining hosted tables with the Club President, your membership sponsor, Secretary, National Board Representative and Past Presidents. During the initial 3 events after joining, you will be formally inducted and presented with your membership kit, provided an opportunity to introduce yourself and your organization, and engage with as many members as possible.

CLUB EVENTS Events range from informal dinners, programs with keynote speakers, special tours, spousal/companion events, outside extra curricular activities such as sports events, entertainment, overnight social events at member properties. In addition, there are North American and International conferences that provide more opportunities to meet members on the world stage.

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Identifying Prospective Members' Priorities
Why belong?

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Sponsor's Role

Engaging Guests
Inviting/ engaging guests - First Event

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New Member Integration Meaningful Mentorship

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Download Tracking Tool
Monitor new members' progress!

Club Resources

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Skal Canada
President's  Welcome Video Message

Skal  Club
Welcome Letter Template

Download the Word doc to
add your club logo and customize text

download Customizable welcome email/ letter template

  Skal International
Tools for Engaging
Prospective and New Members

Our sincere appreciation to the Skal members across Canada who committed their time and resources to create this comprehensive
guide to help our clubs recruit new members and help guide them in understanding the scope and value of their membership!
Chair Mark Schaay - Halifax;  Project Leader - Serge Doyon - Quebec City,  Ann Worth - Prince Edward Island;  Kevin Burgess - Halifax;
Christine Louden - Vancouver;  Hank Van Weeldon